2005-01-12 : Archive 151

Speaking of food, I praise whatever God or chance brought Korean restaurants to the Pioneer Valley. I just finished a squid dish so spicy that I was weeping openly and scarfing down kim chee to ease the burn.

I have a hole in my soul. I've tried but it won't be filled by truth, by being right, by being noticed, by being successful at what I do, by being loved, or by sugar; I haven't had the opportunity but I don't imagine it'd be filled by money or fame either.

There's just a chance, though, just a chance that it'd be filled by enough capsaicin.

Must be the endorphins talking.

1. On 2005-01-12, Ninja Hunter J said:

Prepare for burning crapsicum! Did you go to Korean Restaurant in Hadley?


2. On 2005-01-12, Vincent said:

Nope, just the new little countertop one in Greenfield. The squid was tough but ooooooh yeah the sauce was good.


3. On 2005-01-12, kreg said:

omg...the wife would be sooo jealous! The nearest one to us is 2 hours away in Houston (Sam Bo Jung Restaurant) and i looove that place. If you haven't tried them, my favorite dishes are:bulgogi - thinly sliced marinated beef that is out of this world.galbi - charcoal grilled beef short-ribs, cut vertically so you have a long strip of meat with lil round bones. also marinated like flavor EVER.

and there anything better than a big clay pot of steaming Udon? thinking NO...heh.


(damn i'm hungry now..)


4. On 2005-01-12, Vincent said:


I've had bulgogi. I'll try galbi next time I go to Korean Restaurant in Hadley, they're the best.

I can't possibly be hungry again already. But still, I'm hungry in the mouth!


5. On 2005-01-12, Chris said:

Funny, I like spicy food, I like asian food. I don't like Korean food. But, aside from the obvious other spicy asian foods everyone knows about, I can highly recommend Laotian food as THE spiciest food I've ever had(that doesn't involve, say, utilizing hot sauces banned in 8 states).


6. On 2005-01-12, Ninja Hunter J said:

Oh, man. Now I have to go eat food. Now.


7. On 2005-01-13, Vincent said:

Laotian food! I've never had any. Whatever god or chance brought Korean restaurants here hasn't even managed Vietnamese, let alone Laotian. There used to be a Cambodian restaurant, back when I first was a college student here, but it closed after I'd eaten there only once or twice.

Vietnamese is my favorite. Not so spicy of course, but so so good. There are a couple of Vietnamese restaurants down here in Springfield where I work, but I'm never just like cruising around down here looking for food, and they're far out of my way for home-bound takeout. It's a tragedy. So near, so far.


8. On 2005-01-13, Ben Lehman said:

Korean food. So. Damn. Good.

This is all.



9. On 2005-01-13, Chris said:

Oh! Cambodian! God, I used to eat that almost everyday when I was in Seattle. There was a place just across the street from my apartment that had the bombest beef noodle stew... unlike pho, you get big chunks of beef and wide noodles. Good stuff.