2005-01-14 : Archive 153

Just for Ninja J: A Bloated Stupid-fest RPG, part 1.

Heh. Other than the needlessly moronic way you buy skills, and presuming that the resolution rules are no worse than they must be, this game so far is as good as some you could buy in a store.

Like, I only wish that in Shadowrun for instance you could get spiff gear for free by taking the appropriate skills.

1. On 2005-01-14, Chris said:

Bleah, sad but true. Massive point juggling for character creation? Check. Attributes/Skills to "simulate" a reality? Check. And some people wonder why I buy all "out there" games. It only proves my belief: Most big published games are the same game with different attributes, skills, powers and stuff, with different probabilities. Ugh.


2. On 2005-01-14, Ninja Hunter J said:



3. On 2005-01-14, Ninja Hunter J said:

Where do I find 'Proficiency: dildolauncher'? I couldn't find 'Profession: Sex Mercenary' anywhere in Appendix IX: Alternate Professions.


4. On 2005-01-15, J?rgen Mayer said:

Admit it, Vincent, that was just and old design of yours that you thought was really kick-ass ten years ago.


5. On 2005-01-15, Vincent said:

...Thirteen years ago, I think.


6. On 2005-01-15, J?rgen Mayer said:



7. On 2005-01-18, Matt said:

Your comment about gear based on skills got me thinking, and I mentioned it to Meredith, who's sitting across from me, and she said "it's like how 'stewardess barbie' comes with a carry-on and kicky boots."