2005-01-21 : Archive 158

Kenneth Hite awarded Dogs in the Vineyard his Outie for Best RPG of 2004!

The company is distinguished, the competition was distinguished; I'm one happy geek.

1. On 2005-01-21, Matt said:

That is a plateful of rock and roll, man, and well deserved.


2. On 2005-01-21, ScottM said:

You're linking to DiTV, not the article where he awarded the outie. Perhaps it should be two links: awarded and DiTV?


3. On 2005-01-21, Vincent said:



4. On 2005-01-21, Tom said:

Congratulations! It's a well-deserved award.


5. On 2005-01-21, MylesC said:

No better man, Vincent. A well-deserved award for a lovely piece of design.


6. On 2005-01-22, Jason L Blair said:

I thought I had congratulated you somewhere...but it turns out, I didn't. So: Congratulations, man!


7. On 2005-01-25, Kip Manley said:

Late to the party, but hey. Who wants another round? Way to go. Indeed.