2005-01-24 : Archive 162

This is a test. Does changing the html mean changing the php?

1. On 2005-01-24, Vincent said:

Nope, looks fine.


2. On 2005-01-24, Pretty said:



3. On 2005-01-24, Vincent said:

Yeah, I like it okay.

I figure that I have to choose: a) switch to some kind of off-the-shelf blogging software; b) go back to tables and default link colors and so on; or c) dedicate my life to cross-browser compatibility and CSS.

I don't really feel like switching, and my life is pretty much already dedicated. So tables and blue & purple links with no rollover it is!


4. On 2005-01-24, ScottM said:

It does look good. Nicely done.


5. On 2005-01-24, Vincent said:

Thanks Scott!

Next, the lumpley games page. Oog.


6. On 2005-01-24, ScottM said:

Oh, just noticed—if I click "antiquated anyway", the posts are all expanded; I mean that the post & comments all show, rather than the traditional "click to add & read comments".


7. On 2005-01-24, Clinton R. Nixon said:

The fact that you've rolled your own blog software is one of about 10 gazillion things I want to talk to you about at Dreamation, Vincent. When are you getting there, by the way?


8. On 2005-01-25, Weeks said:

I see a big-ass empty white-space on the right. Is it just me (Firefox 1.0)? Are you going to drop in Google ads or something?


9. On 2005-01-25, Vincent said:

Weeks: if by "big-ass" you mean "about 15% of the screen" then all is well - I mean, you're seeing what I intended, whether it's good or not is another whole matter. You see the column of links, right, and then nothing to the right of it? That's as it is.

Clinton: Ninja J and I will get there sometime latish Thursday afternoon. Between 4:00 and 7:00 is our plan.

My blog software is crappily amateurish! You'll laugh at me when I tell you what it's doing.


10. On 2005-01-25, Vincent said:

Oh and Scott: that seemed like a good idea to me when like 4 people ever commented here. Now I'm thinking about alternatives.


11. On 2005-01-25, Tim Alexander said:

I'm a lurker, but FWIW I prefered the lefthand links. Admittedly though I can't decide if it's really the links on the left side I preferred, or if it's just the additional whitespace on the right that bothers me. Everything else looks great though.



12. On 2005-01-25, Vincent said:

Groovy. How's this? You're right, I like it better this way too.


13. On 2005-01-25, Tim Alexander said:

Much better, the righthand links don't bother me at all without the extra whitespace. Very nice.



14. On 2005-01-25, kreg said:

looks good, Vincent. Has a nice, soft feel and still seems to work fine. well done! ;)



15. On 2005-01-25, Eric F. said:

Good style. Elegant. A keeper.


16. On 2005-01-25, Meguey said:

Ok, it's grown on me. :)


17. On 2005-01-25, Weeks said:

Yeah, maybe it was only 15% of the screen. I, too, like it better now.


18. On 2005-01-25, luke said:

vincent,i miss you. i won't be there this weekend.:(


19. On 2005-01-28, ScottM said:

It lives once again!


20. On 2005-02-01, Yoki said:

Hi Vincent,

Let me know if you'd like any help with CSS stuff, it's one of my specialties. Reach me at: yokiboy at yahoo period com.

I gladly work for games! :D

Or for free for those poor game designers I'm such a huge fanboy of. :p