2005-01-31 : Archive 163

I am returned!

Dreamation was awesome. I met some fine people, played some fine games, had some fine conversations, ate some fine food. By "fine" I mean, respectively:

1. Smart, funny, engaging, and long-looked-forward-to;2. Touching, heartbreaking, riveting, and disturbing;3. Profound, heady, impassioned, and challenging;4. Technically edible.

I've posted a brief what-I-played and how-it-went at the Forge: 10 Dogs, 6 Ronin and Assorted Bombastic Aristos.

Matt Wilson and Luke Crane: we missed you. We sat around and moped on account of it, just a little.

1. On 2005-01-31, Matt said:

Dude, I moped all weekend.


2. On 2005-01-31, Vincent said:

Guess where I met Clinton? In the bus station in New York City on the way to the con, both of us going, uhhhh which bus now? I'm with J and this guy comes up to me, "this is a weird question but are you Vincent?"


3. On 2005-01-31, Jason L Blair said:

Clinton lives in the netherworld where all bus stations are exist.


4. On 2005-01-31, Matt said:

Vincent and Clinton together on a bus to a con. Holy crap.

I'd see that movie.


5. On 2005-01-31, Ben Lehman said:

Sounds like you had way too much fun.



6. On 2005-02-01, Clinton R. Nixon said:

The bus thing was weird, especially because I've only seen one picture of Vincent, and it's not a good one. Out of the thousands of people in this bus station, he just seemed like the only one that could possibly be Vincent.

The bedroll and box of books gave it away, too, but only a little. The confused "How do I get to New Jersey" look on both our faces was more telling.


7. On 2005-02-01, Vincent said:

I'm just boggled by the timing. Me and J were just kickin' along, leaving when we finished lunch, catching whatever train was next. If you and us had been like, hey, we're both going through Penn Station on Thursday, let's meet there, it wouldn't have happened. Armed with photos, cellphones and a strict timeline, maybe.


8. On 2005-02-02, Ninja Hunter J said:

And speaking of traveling, next time, I'm giving you a backpack.

Also, Clinton, did you know that a bus goes directly from that hotel to Port Authority and back? Me neither! You'd think the hotel would want you to know that.

... and I live my life from coincidence to coincidence, so this is only surprising as the rest of my life.