2005-02-23 : Archive 176

So, like, almost three weeks later it occurs to me that I need to mention this here: Clinton R. Nixon has made an RSS feed for anyway.

I'm not clear what an RSS feed is, but I understand that some of you my readers have wished there was one for this page. Now there is!

At The Moral Character of the Monkey: Games and RSS.

Thanks, Clinton!

Also please feel free to educate me. I need some educatin'.

1. On 2005-02-23, Tim Alexander said:

Hey Vincent,

RSS is how we'll be able to keep track of all the disparate blogs and stuff as folks from the Forge and elsewhere continue to break off on their own. Using an rss reader (I like since I move machines a lot) you can subscribe to various rss feeds that then give you a running set of updates on your favorite blogs/sites/etc with rss feeds. It's something you should look into as it really helps manage what can be an overwhelming (if you read news like I do) amount of information.



2. On 2005-02-23, Joshua Tompkins said:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and, leaving aside all the technical mumbo-jumbo that goes along with stuff like this on the 'net these days, RSS is a way for people to read the content on your site without actually having to visit.

You can use an RSS Reader (NetNewsWire Lite is my favorite on the Mac; the choices aren't as good on Windows but a lot of people seem to use SharpReader) to view a lot RSS feeds at once. The interface for these programs usually looks a lot like a Mail program: a list of feeds on the left, a list of headlines on the top right, and the actual post content on the bottom right. If you tend to read a lot of blogs like the 20x20 Room, etc, RSS readers are a lifesaver.

By the way, Tim's right about the Forge diapora thing. Once of the other programs that Clinton is working on is a web-based aggregator website for all of the Forge-spawned websites, so you don't actually have to use an RSS reader to keep track.


3. On 2005-02-24, Vincent said:

Does the feed alert you to new comments posted to an entry, too?


4. On 2005-02-24, Joshua Tompkins said:

It can. The RSS format allows for comments to be included, but that's a user-dependent setting. Some folks put comments into their feeds, some don't. I'm not sure if your feed includes the comments or not, I'm having problems getting it to work...


5. On 2005-02-25, Tim Alexander said:

The feed only watches the blog at the moment, but comment feeds are very possible. The way Clinton has it configured on his own site is with a feed for the blog, and one for each entry's comments. It's a nice implementation; you can watch the blog as a whole and add feeds specifically for the entries you're interested in.