2005-02-24 : Archive 177

I've written up our most recent Primetime Adventures session: Epidemonology ep2. It was fun!

Of especial interest was our studio audience. Ben Lehman visited for the weekend and he sat in on the game. Most games, this would equal boring for Ben. In this game, he was a full participant, despite having no character. He gave out Fanmail, called for scenes, contributed to narration. I wish we'd thought to give him Fanmail too, so he could participate in conflicts.

1. On 2005-02-24, Chris said:

Hmm... that makes me think of games with actual audiences, perhaps only family/significant others of the group... but neat!


2. On 2005-02-24, Ninja Hunter J said:

Yeah, it worked out very well. I think if Ben was able to receive (as well as give, which we did) fan mail, that would have been cool, but he shouldn't have gotten any to start with. That way, he can still influence the story, but it's all within the mechanics.