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On 2005-05-09, Ben Lehman wrote:

Christian—I think there's a lot of interest to be explored here before we go banging to "not an RPG" drum.  My question was not about thematic empowered play at all.  It was about a role-playing game (any sort of role-playing game) text.

Neel—See above.  This is not at all a question about system in play, text in play, or play at all.  No one is arguing about freeform play, in any of its many systematic forms.  It is a question about "what elements are necessary before a role-playing game text can be considered complete?"

If you were going to write up an RPG book for that game you played, to help others play the same or a similar game, what elements would you include, either mechanical or in terms of player and GM advice, before you could consider the game text "complete?"



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