thread: 2008-06-30 : A Really Good Weekend

On 2008-07-01, Vincent wrote:

Storming the Wizard's Tower is the fantasy adventure game I've been learning how to design for all these years.

It's so fun. In our latest adventure the PCs made the trek up the river to the Hillclans' highlands. Something had disrupted the Hillclans' trade with the PCs' hometown and everybody was suffering for it. It turns out that one of the Hillclan kings had taken their feuding too far and summoned the Goddess of Vengeance (in reality a 10xp [which is a lot for first level] monster, fire & flesh, aligned with the spirit world). They beat her, but only because I haven't learned how to play monsters' powers in combination effectively yet. The next monster they meet with a Drain Command + Frighten or a Drain Perception + Stealth combo, they're SCREWED.

Anyhow they beat the Goddess of Vengeance, united Thargood's clan with Breka's, and became its adopted heroes. For treasure they won the ability to create Hillclan characters.

Oops, I got distracted telling you about our game and now I have to go. I'll tell a little bit about the game's rules next time.


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