thread: 2008-06-30 : A Really Good Weekend

On 2008-07-02, Arturo G. wrote:

I like a lot the list-based creation mechanisms in Poison'd. They give you some fictional content at the same time that you get a score. The mosters creation sounds neat and really flexible.
The group-level rocks, it worked like a charm in Trollbabe. I also think that for the kind of game you are describing I only 4 levels is more appropriate (Are there rules for upgrading the group level, or is it going up by consensus?). Leaving also the door open for personal improvement keeps some of the old-shool feeling, good. Special abilities linked to the stats, of course! A list of them, or a creation mechanism for your own abilities?

I'm interested in the GM part. I assume one of the design goals is still making it incredible easy. You say that the content of the Forge thread is mainly obsolete. Are there still things similar to the Cruel Fortunes for the GM? Can you tell us more?

Am I asking too much?


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