thread: 2008-06-30 : A Really Good Weekend

On 2008-07-02, Vincent wrote:

Arturo: There are rules for levelling up. "The group goes up to level 2 as soon as all of the following apply: ..."

Cruel fortunes, nope, not anymore. It turned out that everything I'd think would make a cruel fortune, instead it fit nicely into monster creation. So now it's all monster creation instead. Traps are monsters, difficult terrain is monsters, it's all monsters.

For level 1, creating an adventure just means sketching a rough map and making some linked monsters. In our game so far the monsters have been 1) a mine serpent, the mine spirits it enslaved, and the toxic pools it layed its eggs in; 2) a breeding pair of mountain drakes and the cliffs they were nesting on; and 3) the Goddess of Vengeance, the Hillclan warriors, and the clan kings. So it's still incredibly easy, yes. It takes me 10-15 minutes to prep an adventure.


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