thread: 2008-09-29 : Creative Tension

On 2008-09-29, Vincent wrote:

Oh, no, I didn't figure you disagreed. On the phone I've been like "folk magic yay" and you've been like, "eh, tacky," so I was using that merely as a (hopefully) fun personal example. Pretend like I made a confessional in InSpectres, the bonus die is yours if you accept the adjective, but if you don't, it was just me saying whatever.

The rule in Dogs is that the GM should back the judgment of the most discriminating player, case by case (and it might be the GM). The book specifically mentions body language and nonverbal reactions as guides. That section isn't in the very first edition, but I realized quite quickly that everyone wasn't already playing that way and needed it to be spelled out, so I added it. I'm pretty sure that it predates the illustrations, but it's possible I'm misremembering and it doesn't appear until the illustrated edition.

This business of "the GM should back the most discriminating player," though, is pretty vulnerable to social pressures. I haven't heard of it being a problem for anybody, but that doesn't mean it's never been.


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