thread: 2008-09-29 : Creative Tension

On 2008-09-30, Ron Edwards wrote:

Huh. My reply disappeared. Near as I can figure, it said ...

See, the thing is, I consistently see that it's *not* a problem. As long as there's some kind of structure (I list some in Markus' Forge thread), anything to go by like what you describe, the texture works. Really consistently, too, and here I'm thinking of the bezillion Space Rat demos I did at GenCon, which features traits very much like the ones Markus is criticizing - except that Pool-like, you can only choose a limited number at a time. Group after group after group, people instantly got it and seized upon trait use without any confusion.

But there's clearly a failure-line too. At least for me and I know for others. I think Wushu is boring and annoying. Why?


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