thread: 2008-09-29 : Creative Tension

On 2008-10-01, Ben Lehman wrote:

It doesn't really matter for Dogs in particular, but it might matter in the abstract. In Dogs, the "that's not legit" call is weak weak weak. All that you can affect with it is what someone has to say before they get to roll dice for a particular trait. You can't make them take back their raise or anything significant

Could you talk a little bit about the system that backs this up, and maybe a little bit about the process of it in play.

From what I remember, Dogs just has "GM, back up the most picky player." Which includes, to my reading, "that's not legit."

So, for instance, let's say we're in physical violence. I say "I do a flip over his head and karate chop him in the back of the neck!" as my raise. It is met with, let's say, eyerolls and uncools. You say now that the GM can't make me take back my raise. As far as I read the rules, that's exactly what he *should* do, on the grounds of "that's weak!"



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