thread: 2008-09-29 : Creative Tension

On 2008-10-01, Emily wrote:

The One Rule, originally formulated by Char (stryck), is really more of a principle or guideline than a rule. I t runs, roughly:

"You should accept anything another player says about your character in /some/ fashion."

This is very different from the "your right to narrate ends at my nose" rule, which also sounds like a common one for online nar rp. But it seems like the addition of your rule would make the other much stronger.

In story making games, the moves might produce a range of emotions, which grants the person who made the move (within the mechanical framework), a wide palette to work from in his authorship, should he care (dare?) to use it.

Great image. This takes your term even further, Vincent. From the destructive breakdown of concensus to expressing the full creative interplay possible between the players.  The emotions are the plane in which the creative tensions in a game play out.

We create formal (non-diegetic) procedures and structures in response to the emotional responses we think likely.  We can choose them to eliminate or de-accentuate responses (frex having a gm to reduce wrangling over outcomes by having one person responsible for determining them) or to accentuate them (using Jenga to create feelings of suspense in players).


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