thread: 2008-09-29 : Creative Tension

On 2008-10-08, Callan wrote:

Hmm, I didn't get at what I meant very well, on review. In terms of grunting, I mean (but failed to articulate) that they do not accept the result of the rules use.

It's the lack of acceptance that's the key point - whether they just grunt and grunt, or grunt and go to immediately negotiate a rule change, or grunt to try and stop a person using a rule a certain way isn't the main thing. It's the lack of result acceptance that is.

Not accepting valid mechanical result of rules use can turn into a habit.

Then theres the reinforcement of that habit. But I failed to articulate this the first time, so I'm probabaly wearing your patience now, understandably. Thanks for asking, I can leave it if you want and I'll say sorry for meandering :)


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