thread: 2009-04-01 : The Source Campaign: battle 3 setup

On 2009-04-01, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

Re: collision vectors:

You don't slide along. You bounce, minus the number of damage dice rolled. You just trade vector markers and move them back the number of damage dice.

Granted, it's not very interesting to track the vectors of cover, particularly since it just mean that much of it will wind up leaving the board. So it could be that you "bounce off" at the angle of reflection, minus damage dice.

for hand to hand attacks, measure from vector marker to vector marker, and treat that number as a spot on the target.

I don't understand this.

Also, I just thought of something as a color dial: in normal HtH with normal movement, you can add your movement as a "charge", also acting as a Spot. It's another way to make HtH desirable. It doesn't count if you're starting within 1 of an opponent.


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