thread: 2005-03-05 : Policy in the Face of Failure

On 2005-03-15, Lee Short wrote:

We fought SO HARD to get the identity politics out of GNS.


Vincent also wrote:
I think that there's a powerful distinction we could discuss, if we could go ahead and say that the only roleplaying worth discussing is thematic + collaborative.

Clinton wrote:
You can't say Simulationism doesn't exist, because there's a whole hell of a lot of it out there. What I personally think you can say, which is negative, but, you know, whatever, is that Simulationism is the act of generic role-playing with the tools we've mainly been given until recently.


The *HUGE* disconnect here explains why the effort failed.

If you want to keep identity politics out of it, you've got to actually respect the difference rule, in the spirit of your conversation as well as in the letter.


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