thread: 2011-02-18 : 2010 at lumpley games

On 2011-02-18, Vincent wrote:


Well, I take that back. Let's see. Not counting the lumpley games pdf library...
Dogs in the Vineyard has sold about 3,000 copies, lifetime.
In a Wicked Age has sold about 1,000.
Mechaton has sold about 800.
Poison'd has sold about 400.
I hesitate to guess what kill puppies for satan has sold. 500 copies or something.

If I were serious about figuring it out I'd go back and compile all those spreadsheets I got from IPR. Since I'm not doing that, the IPR years are a big "Mechaton? Well, maybe 100 copies?" So who knows.

Given that, and including 1,000 for Apocalypse World, let's say 6,500-7,000 games.


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