thread: 2011-07-12 : Just 3 Insights?

On 2011-07-13, Bwian wrote:

This 'sets of three insights' idea is following on with the three 'layers' of insight idea?

i.e. one x insight about real life, one x insight about roleplaying, one x insight about content?  (I think I picked this set up at Dave Berg's site, where he refers to something you had said on this?)

Acknowledging I have probably not used your words or Dave's words in the last paragraph above.  But I gotta say this breakdown into layers(?) is a useful way of thinking about games generally.  [Although when I think about it, I'm not sure that I understand what's in the 'content' layer.  I'm tempted to get caught up in 'content = fictional reality' vs. 'content = genre trappings'  - i.e. is my 'content' insight about Middle Earth, or is it about Epic Fantasy?]

Can you grab us an example of a set of insights driving one of the subsystems in AW?

Or have I missed the point?

And how do you keep it fresh?  As Mathieu says, that seems like a lot of insights to come up with.


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