thread: 2011-07-12 : Just 3 Insights?

On 2011-07-13, Lior Wehrli wrote:

This is so true! I think it's also true (or should be true) about every creative work we do: When you make a piece of art, you build it around an insight or maybe two or three. You should not just add anything to it just because that thing was cool too. (Not true: some artists do add at random and it still comes out great art).

IMO this just means that we make our work about something, that we try to give it meaningful content. We begin work not by assembling funny little tidbits and trying to read meaning out of it in retrospect.

@Mathieu,Bwian: IMO, if you do not have an insight for a particular part of a game, don't add it! And if that part is absolutely necessary then add it in a way that it supports the insights already there. So the question is not "where to get more insights?", it's "is this insight worth its own sub-system?".

Vincent, am I getting your meaning or am I way off here?

For me, this neatly connects to what Vincent said before about connecting the what is it about with the actual game design being hard. I feel that often, the how to design it is part of the inspirational moment that come with the insight. If I don't see right away how to put the insight into the game, then it's no real insight to me.


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