thread: 2011-07-12 : Just 3 Insights?

On 2011-07-13, David Berg wrote:

Wow, Hx feels a lot less artificial to me now.  I could spin that... "This measures the current groove you're in with the person.  How in tune y'all are will impact the ease of working together (i.e. Help rolls).  Doesn't matter if he's been your bro for years if you guys aren't in synch right this second."

As for, "that's a lot of insights", I don't think every single one of them needs to be incredibly radical and new.  I'd guess that you need a few grabby big ones for your most core subsystems, and extreme insightfulness beyond that is just a bonus.  "Here's my personal take, it may not be yours," is sufficient for seldom-used marginal subsystems.  Does that sound right, Vincent?


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