thread: 2011-07-12 : Just 3 Insights?

On 2011-07-14, Bwian wrote:

Thanks for the links, Vincent.

I particularly found this (from Comment No. 18 to the second link), about 'fiction' helpful:  Today I'm talking about all the possible fiction that your game can create.

One of the things this (current) thread reinforces for me is the idea that your mechanics should reward/ elicit/ promote the kind of fictional behaviour you want the players to initiate.

When I think about it, this was one of the main drivers of my own early attempts to 'fix the rules' of the various games I played and ran.  I never did play much D&D because the whole Hit Point concept seemed crazy after a while.  In retrospect, part of that was because the HP/ damage/ healing mechanism provides a bunch of play incentives that just didn't gel with my expectations of what 'should' happen in the fiction.

Your Hx example does illustrate the principle very well.  Thank you.  I can easily see the Real Life insight here.

Does this Hx mechanic also say something about 'Roleplaying as practice'?  I'm not really clear on that.


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