thread: 2012-11-12 : Where were we...?

On 2012-11-14, Gregor wrote:

David B wrote: "What is fictional positioning and how does it fit in with the other most essential aspects of RPG game design?"
I think this has been covered by the previous fictional positioning posts? Although re-stating or re-phrasing it might be useful.

Greg Pogor: What you're describing sounds like the fruitful void. You don't design rules for what the game's about, you design rules *about* what the game is about, thus keeping the thing it's about in the eye of the storm.

I'm most interested in clarifying:
-how it's not obvious it's referencing Ron's components of character
-how and why is it outside the Big Model
-what is this feud with Emily and how have you misused her term?
What I actually want you to write:
-the concrete imagery kick


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