thread: 2012-11-12 : Where were we...?

On 2012-11-15, Vincent wrote:

Attention voyeurs!

Make sure you've read Emily on Fictional Positioning and Positioning: the Big Model vs Emily, reconciled.

So my misuse of Emily's term was like this. Emily was all "fictional positioning, right?" And I was all "fictional positioning, woo," but then what I talked about was the in-fiction part of the Big Model's positioning as a character component. The expanded definition was in my head, but I was talking to you all, and it was just more convenient to presume mechanical one-player-one-character GMed games, and in those games that's what positioning looks like. So it seemed to Emily like I was taking her much bigger, more far-reaching idea and presenting it as a modest expansion of the Big Model's parochial idea.

She was all, "Vincent. You claimed my term and made it weaker than it is. What the hell."


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