thread: 2012-11-12 : Where were we...?

On 2012-11-20, Vincent wrote:

Okay! So far I've hit the relationship between fictional positioning and positioning in the Big Model, and how it led me to apparently appropriate the term, to Emily's displeasure, even though I didn't really so that's okay. I've also made a solid start on Evan's question about the interface between positioning and system, although I haven't quite said out loud yet that the lumpley pumpley inevitably creates fictional positioning, that the two ideas are inextricably linked. Soon!

Still to come:
- both timelines
- negotiating assent and occult shared ownership
- fiction-first / concrete imagery
- teasing out what Greg Pogor means above
- Evan's question about players becoming good at positioning
- my conclusion, as Carsten asks, sooner than later


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