thread: 2012-12-04 : Positioning: Two Timelines in Text

On 2012-12-04, DWeird wrote:

This makes the whole thing clear as sky, but I wonder if one of the graphs from last post is to blame for the confusion, the one that implies that the fictional positioning line in the fiction timeline had a one-directional flow.

Since the fictional timeline has a chronological order, but player access to it does not have to be, fictional positioning could work both ways on the timeline - if I do a flashback, I'm constrained by what will happen in the fictional future, if we say "Lets finish today's game by a big shootout at the end", I sort of have to drive towards that.

A character's options are affected only by past fiction, but a player's legitimate options are affected by whatever's part of the established fiction, past or not.

Is this about right, or am I missing something?


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