thread: 2012-12-04 : Positioning: Two Timelines in Text

On 2012-12-05, Christoph wrote:

Hello Vincent

First, I really like this series of posts!

Second, I'm trying to understand why you didn't use a similar invention in Example 2 as in Example 1. Surely you could have placed someone you knew in the dining room (I guess there were lots of people invited, like the other PCs), or that you could say that in fact you had "scouted" ahead in anticipation. What sold you on restricting yourself to the established precedents, rather than just invent new ones?
If I'm understanding Ben correctly, his stance is that the fictional timeline *is* quite arbitrary (more so than what your series of posts seem to imply), something I tend to agree with. Yet, you seem to place particular value in *treating* it not quite that arbitrarily, and I suspect I could learn something from that distinction.



This makes AD go "This is pretty interesting, to me!"

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