thread: 2012-12-27 : Positioning: the Okay Cycle

On 2012-12-27, Vincent wrote:

Notice also the challenges when I go up to the attic and when I find my box of high school memorabilia. These are fiction-based, not cue-mediated or interpersonal, challenges to those actions' effectiveness. A cue-mediated challenge might call for me to roll dice, point to where something's written on my character sheet, or something like that. An interpersonal challenge might call for me to bully the GM, ask her to please just go along with me here, or something like that. These happen to be fiction-based, so all I have to do to win the actions' effectiveness is create the appropriate snippets of fictional stuff.

If you want to think about how adding mechanics would affect the cycle, just imagine me making a Driving test to get to North Adams safely, or making a Sweet Talk roll to break off the conversation with grandma without hurting her feelings, or pointing out that I have "I lived with my grandma as a teenager" on my character sheet to justify that my crap's in her attic.


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