thread: 2012-12-27 : Positioning: the Okay Cycle

On 2012-12-27, Jesse Burneko wrote:

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  That's because there are a few RPGs that have really captured my attention but don't have what I think of really strong reward-cycle focus built into them.

Shadows of Esteren being at the forefront of that list.  But also games like Unhallowed Metropolis or even Deadlands: Noir.  Just yesterday I discovered ImagiNation whose central concept really grabs me.  I look at these games and wonder if the "okay" cycle will be enough for me to get out of them what I want to get out of them.

Maybe this is getting ahead of you but do you see more explicit reward cycles as attempts to "prune" the legitimate move space?

I know that, that is what I keep attempting with many of my own designs.  Sometimes the legitimate move space I want is so tight that when I close my mind I can actually hear the vocal intonation I want players to use when announcing actions and speaking dialog.

Or maybe that's running down the wrong road?


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