thread: 2012-12-28 : Positioning: Disagreements?

On 2012-12-28, Vincent wrote:

Threlicus: Yes, rule-uncertainty creates an uncertainty that's like or identical to the positional uncertainty in roleplaying.

I find it significant that all rpg play is as uncertain as Chess play is when you're trying to do one of those complicated weird maneuvers and you don't remember the rules.

Gregor: In addition to the fictional and the interpersonal, there's also cue-mediated positioning, which super matters a whole lot of the time.

As a designer, I don't pay much attention to interpersonal positioning at all, but as a player, I pay much more.

John Stavropoulos' X-Card mechanic is based on interpersonal positioning.

Dan: Interesting. Let me think about it.


This makes MVH go "So can you design things about interpersonal positioning? Or not?"

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