thread: 2012-12-28 : Positioning: Disagreements?

On 2012-12-29, Ben Hamill wrote:

I am a total newb to all this (literally, I have been reading posts on this blog for the last day and a half or so and that's it), so forgive me, please, if I'm making any... weird assumptions or whatever. I'm not sure I understand currency any more. Or yet. I read the Unreliable Currency series from before this conception of what positioning and effectiveness mean and... I kind of get the idea of reliable vs. unreliable. But I'm not sure about currency.

Sometimes, people (in comments) seem to be using it the way that you'd use it if you were talking about money: "spend currency" and the like. But I get the impression that's not quite right.

So, is currency the, uh, system(?) that manages the flow between position and effectiveness (or between p and p or e and e)?

Like... someone succeeds some disarm maneuver on you and you lose your club (Effectiveness, right?). Then, you can no longer bonk someone with your club (affects your Position, right?). Is the word "Then" the currency, more or less? Or... is it the rule that describes the "then" part or... something? I am really uncertain. Thanks.


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