thread: 2012-12-27 : Positioning: the Okay Cycle

On 2013-01-02, Vincent wrote:

David: No, I'm saying more than that. For example, as I said, the connection between Apocalypse World's mechanical improvement and the long-term development of the characters' fictional positions was by my intentional design, not an accident.

Gordon: Hm, I dunno. Look at a game like Salt River, maybe. In these terms it has a perfectly good, strong, clear reward cycle built right into it, and in play it worked perfectly well, but I think the old Forge would have been quite skeptical.

Josh:Ahhh, yes, the knack to setting up both!


This makes GcL go "What I think the old Forge might have said"
As a total aside: "Sure, you can do that, and folks have since the hobby began. But it's not very reliable, is it? And isn't it prone to devolve into interpersonal spats?" While I guess I'd say the old Forge missed out on GOOD ways to build from that base, "worked perfectly well" isn't the overall impression I'd have expected from reading that Salt River thread.

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