thread: 2012-12-27 : Positioning: the Okay Cycle

On 2013-01-08, David Berg wrote:

Vincent, sounds good.  I can certainly spot how putting "retire to safety" on the Advances list will put that on the map for some players, and how it lends a real-world "officialness" and permanence to a fictional state that might otherwise be transitory.  Checking off the box is the difference between "and things looked fairly stable" vs "and things looked fairly stable—for now!"

I also see how the cycle of Play More -> Roll Highlighted Stats -> Earn Advances -> Get Better at Stuff predicts a positive trajectory, leading to things like safe retirement (though in theory a Front's countdown clock might exert a competing pressure).

Is that what you're talking about?  If so, how does the fictional positioning Overton Window factor in?  If you can muster an AW example of a design intent, a rule, and the group's role in the long-term positioning change, I think that'd help clarify this (for me, anyway).

If this is off-topic, no sweat, I'll save it for a future discussion.


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