thread: 2012-12-27 : Positioning: the Okay Cycle

On 2013-01-18, Zach Donovan wrote:

Hey David,

Here's how I'm reading Vincent on this one:

As play progresses, and I, as a player, go through "okay" cycles about my character with the rest of the table, certain fictional elements become accepted as "true" about my character - a precedent is created.

Once I establish the existence of my high school stuff at Grandma's, that stuff is there and will stay there until some other fictional force changes it. Unless someone else burns my Grandma's house down (which itself would require an "okay" cycle), I will continue to have access to that stuff.

This is, in a way, advancement - I have established access to a resource I didn't have before.

Of course, the same applies to abilities - if someone say okay when you say "I turn invisible," it's likely you'll be able to do the same under similar circumstances later.


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