thread: 2013-08-06 : The Sundered Land at Ropecon

On 2013-08-09, Aaro Vierti? wrote:

This stupid website deleted my previous comment.

So yeah, it was me who played the Butcher as Ville said.

Actually when running the part I found that the easiest part was when characters had to die. The mechanic was really easy to run and good. Was simply deciding on the brief description and how well that suit the character, style and most importantly what I was thinking of the enemies. At least that came across quite clearly as I had possessed villagers in mind too. I think having to decide an advantage (numbers) and disadvantage (morale) for the enemies worked really well.

However I feel I had some problems with pacing the scenes and kind of felt lost after each one. Maybe that's because I had not prepared to run anything or because I have zero experience running anything with horde-kind of situation or horrorish wheeling.

So points for you on good, easy to follow rule on the character death. And thanks for the nice little game!


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