thread: 2014-01-05 : lumpley games in 2011-2013

On 2014-01-06, Vincent wrote:

Clayton: It's basically impossible to judge from quarterly numbers. For a quarter to spike like that, like 2013 Q4 or 2011 Q4, several smaller spikes, weekly or 2-weekly spikes, have to line up.

For instance, I can tell you that in December 2013 I got a startling number of Apocalypse World print orders, compared to October and November. Before December, print orders were in an even steeper decline than these charts show. My guess is that many of them were people who'd gotten the PDFs in the Bundle of Holding and who decided they wanted the physical book (but I'm seriously just guessing). Anyway, these account for a piece of the 2013 Q4 spike, but wouldn't be enough to create it on their own. There's no single thing I can point to.


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