thread: 2014-04-28 : Midsummer Wood

On 2014-05-20, John Mc wrote:

I'm not sure about anyone else, but Midsummer Wood was an easy sell for my group.  We've had a baby invasion and a quick game after hours is just the thing.

However!  I threw a monkey wrench in that by nominating the shiest and newest player at the table to be Mortal.  It was awesome for the first couple hours.  The vibe of a mortal out of their depths in faerie court was completely evoked.  She hadn't read the Faerie rules, so we all danced around and avoided insults while she blundered right into Forfeits.  The rules give the Mortal many outs though so the music played on.  (She lost her tears at one point, but managed to defuse other forfeits harmlessly.)

None of us was especially ruthless and we all enjoyed the roleplaying and watching our heroine look uncomfortable.  So we had fun.  Eventually the beggar king was forced to a Forfeit and I told him he owed a gift, but the Mortal player didn't realize she could just ask for his grace and win.  So we played on.  The tension was high for a few scenes, but everyone was getting tired and things started drooping.

Ultimately the Mortal threw her hands up and decided to have a threesome with the beggar king and the summer queen.  We gave the two of them the victory together and called it a wrap.  (Leaving me as the willow hag, in the cold.)

In retrospect, I should have got out of character and just told her to ask for his grace (coin), but I was tired and enjoying myself.  Still, we had a good time and were well pleased.

Highlight of the night: getting our shy Mortal thoroughly kissed by her boyfriend (the beggar king).  We all cheered.  :)


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