thread: 2014-07-18 : Non-Endstate Objects, Strategy & Style

On 2014-07-18, Moreno R. wrote:

@Simon C: from what I have understood of the distinction, I think that the answer is this:

1) Making your PC "super hot and choice-looking is strategy.
2) "Style" is HOW you make him good-looking and Hot. What does "hot" means to you, in aesthetic terms, as a human being at the table?

Does making him "hot" involve making him like Vin Diesel, or like Harry Potter? Or like David Bowie?

Obviously, it's not so simple and clear in actual play: you can use the strategy to ask advice about "what would make him hot" from the other players, ensuring that they will, in fact, find him hot, for example. But I would call this more a social skill than a game strategy.

And here is where differences in styles can ruin the game (or at least a scene) for you: what if the other players and the MC don't see your depiction of that character as hot at all? What if your vision of the character is frustrated and distorted? You played using the right rules, You had a sound strategy....  but you could not like the results anyway!

Vincent, I got it right, or have I completely misunderstood what do you mean with "style"?


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