thread: 2014-07-21 : The Object and Particular Strategy

On 2014-07-21, Alex d. wrote:

Very much with this thread of thought now.  I think I'm starting to draw some lines between these concepts.

What this has got me thinking about is how players can have such different perspectives on what the object of a game can be.  Depending on how a player perceives the object of a game their strategy for playing the game may drastically change.  Is this likely the root of most problems players have when things go awry and start to not be fun?

In the Hearts example, if a player understands the strategy a little differently by putting significantly more weight on the strategy of adding points to other peoples hands and less weight on avoiding adding points to their own, then you may have a situation where a player approaches the game with the perspective of not really caring to win, but focusing mostly on trying to make others lose, which is a perfectly viable strategy. 

Now we get into that last little bit about being counterproductive.  Regarding these types of strategic decisions it was suggested that we think about"...which do you reject as inappropriate, counterproductive, or poor play?"  I certainly know what I find inappropriate or counterproductive, but what about other players I am playing with?  Their ideas about what is counterproductive and inappropriate might differ drastically from my own ideas because their understanding of the objective and their strategy is different from my own.  Doesn't this now put players at odds with each other because they have different strategies due to different interpretations of the game?


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