thread: 2014-07-21 : The Object and Particular Strategy

On 2014-07-23, Fr?d?ric S wrote:

Hello Vincent,
I'm a bit confused with the object of Apocalypse World.

It seems abstract, and I can't imagine how to handle such an object. It's so contemplative and wide, that I don't see any link with your other examples.
I don't either see how the game mechanics throw me towards that object.

When I am a player in AW, I'm focused on "protecting what matters", "getting what I need" and "dealing with the consequences of my choices". As a GM, it's more something like "attacking what matters".
The rules help me playing this way. May be it's not the object, but the goal of the game ?

"What the PCs make of this world" looks more like playing with dolls and sanbox, than having a real purpose to me.

What am I missing ?


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