thread: 2014-07-23 : The Trouble with RPGs

On 2014-07-23, ndp wrote:

In World Wide Wresting, the object is to become a legendary wrestling superstar. You might not be able to do it, though, because audience's are fickle, other wrestlers are gunning for you and sometimes you just have shit bad luck.

In Annalise, the object is to resolve your vulnerability to the terrible thing you've attracted to yourself. You might not be able to do it, though, because it knows more about you than you do and you might not be strong enough to fight it.

In InSpectres, the object is to solve the mystery with enough resources left to improve your franchise. You might not be able to, though, because resources are contingent on luck and you need them for other things too.


This makes ndp go "whoops. can't spell my own games name."

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