thread: 2014-07-23 : The Trouble with RPGs

On 2014-07-23, silby wrote:

(As an aside, in games that aren't weird, the object is to get the biggest number. You might not be able to, though, because other players might be better at getting big numbers than you are.)


This makes VB go "sometimes, the smallest number."
For instance, Hearts. Or to get rid of all your cards, as in Uno, Timeline, Rummikub.

This makes AH go "Other objectives..."
Sometimes you need to satisfy Condition X before anyone else can, and it isn't always numerical progress.

This makes EJS go "WLOG"
Just special cases of "biggest number". 1/(smallest number) is the biggest number, and satisfying a predicate first in turn reduces to scoring the fewest steps (of real or abstract time) to satisfy x.

This makes Ad go "It doesn't always..."
have to be about doing something *-est. Completion is sometimes it's own objective. Take a puzzle or a riddle. With a puzzle the object is to complete the puzzle. You might not be able to because you couldn't find the right pieces.

This makes WM go "Golf"
Smaller numbers are better there

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