thread: 2014-07-23 : The Trouble with RPGs

On 2014-07-23, Michael S. Miller wrote:

In Serial Homicide Unit, the object is to catch the killer before he escapes AND to achieve your civilian character's hope. You might not do it though, because the killer has luck on his side and the other players might want your civilian to lose.

In With Great Power..., the object is to defeat the villain's plan without being overwhelmed by suffering. You might not do it, though, because power always brings suffering along with it.

In Discernment, the object is to guess the secret soul quality of the subject. You might not do it, though, because reading meaning into other people's role-playing is tricky.

(Embarrassingly, this took me ten full minutes to write out. It really has me looking at my games from a different POV. Thanks.)


This makes JDC go "Dead-on for WGP"
That is more or less how I explain it at conventions

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