thread: 2014-07-23 : The Trouble with RPGs

On 2014-07-24, Vincent wrote:

Paul Czege, in marginalia: "Ah, I see your "multiple simultaneous objects" comment on the other post now. So, if you allow for multiple simultaneous objects, how do you avoid the slippery slope to every player being allowed a subjectively different idea of what the game's object is?"

In some games, every player having a subjectively different idea of the game's object is fine. In others, you want them on the same page for reals. Many RPGs have objects that allow a range of understanding, and as long as every player's understanding falls within range, so that they all make strategically compatible choices, the game's fine.

As the designer, you ought know your game's needs, at least well enough to make decisions about how and whether to communicate them.


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