thread: 2015-03-17 : The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

On 2015-03-17, Vincent wrote:

My Point
I'm trying to contradict the idea that playing a game is necessarily voluntary, by giving an example of a legit game with an unwitting player.

I think that "unwitting player" describes the demon player in this game perfectly well, with no need for any technical clarifications or quibbling. The idea of an unwitting player isn't self-contradictory and there's no reason to make it definitionally impossible.

Many games with unwitting players are violatory. Hazing games, for instance. I think this one's pretty harmless, but like I say, I have some friends who'd be irritated to be made to play a game like this that they hadn't agreed to. You might too.

I don't expect anyone to ever play this game. Still, I think you could, if you wanted! Maybe it's even fun.


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