thread: 2015-03-17 : The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

On 2015-03-18, Tim Ralphs wrote:

I'm with Gordon. I don't really see how the Demon Player is playing a roleplay game. They don't seem to have any access to the shared imaginary space - or rather they are clearly contributing to the space, but they are not sharing in imagining it. Obviously if that sort of attitude is likely to limit the potential of game design then it's worth interrogating, but calling them The Demon Player feels like a loaded term that doesn't describe what they were doing.

What if the resolution mechanic didn't involve them noticing anything, but instead involved rolling a dice off their face while they were asleep? The rules state that if a d6 rolls a 1, the demon is enraged. On a 2-3, the demon refuses the request. 4+ they grant the wish. the demon player isn't allowed to actually wake up, that's against the rules. Would you still count them as playing the game? (Possibly just a really badly designed game.)


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