thread: 2015-03-17 : The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

On 2015-03-18, Ken Filewood wrote:

Very thought provoking.

I agree the 'Demon Player' is not a player in the usual sense.  There is a tradition in game theory of treating (random) 'Nature' as a player.  The 'Demon Player' is a special case of that kind.  The fact that we attribute consciousness to the 'Demon Player' makes it seem different.

So what about 'semi-witting' players?  E.g. an animal conditioned to make legal moves?  A computer programmed to do that?  A human player with less-than-complete rules knowledge?  A generally knowledgeable but fallible-in-an-ordinary way player?

In many, many actual playings of some RPGs none of the players knows all of the rules.

Is there in fact such a thing as a 'fully-witting' player?

Thanks for the sweet example game.


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