thread: 2015-03-17 : The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

On 2015-03-18, Davide wrote:

A few questions - hoping I am not going completely out of track here.

If I am making a game where me and a friend will bet on the color of the next car that will come around the corner, I assume that the car driver is somehow part of the game - a player basically, even if they don't know it, right?

To make it more interesting: if me and my friend bet on a third friend of ours, whether or not he will show up tonight for a drink when we invited him, is it more to the point? (having always the same friend as the unknowing player, rather than random drivers)

Final question (with the hope of not stretching it too far): when I play one of the usual RPGs at the table, is it possible that other players are actually playing "my" version of the game without knowing it? (and at the same time I play, unknowingly, each of their versions...)
Perhaps so...
Me and my friends have certain important points of contact (where rules or procedures make us converge on something). And at the same time we all have our own "personal drift". Now, how do I make the best of the other players' participation in my solitary version of the game?


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