thread: 2015-04-02 : Four Years' Abandoned Games

On 2015-04-06, Vincent wrote:

Anna: I dunno, there's just something about saving your boyfriend from cannibals that speaks to me.

In Can You Save Your Boyfriend From the Cannibals, they were drilling the geothermic well here in Greenfield MA for the renovations on Bank Row and they hit a pocket of something deep underground, released it into the air. Now, just hours later, Greenfield has become a cannibal hellscape. You have to get from the Bickford's out past the rotary up into town. Your boyfriend's working on his thesis in the public library's tiny antiquarian records room and probably has no idea what's going on, and you have to get to him before the cannibals do.

This sounds SO FUN to me.


This makes SDM go "Sounds fun to me too!"

This makes AD go "Can we get this as a short film?"
'cause I know some short film folk that would love this.

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